PUBG Mobile: 5 new features come’s with PUBG 0.9 halloween update

Posted on October 27th, 2018 by in pubg
Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has become one of the most popular online multiplayer battle royal in the world. Moreover, the introduction of PUBG Mobile, which is a free app for Android and iOS users, has also helped the game reach out to the masses with over 100 million downloads only on Google Play Store. PUBG Mobile has just received the 0.9.0 Halloween update which comes with a host of new features along with the festive-themed Halloweens. Under the Halloweens event, PUBG Mobile players will get access to “spooky outfits’ such as a Mummy costume and a Witch costume. Moreover, vehicles also get new festive themed liveries with this update.

PUBG Mobile update: 5 new features that come with the PUBG’s 0.9.0 Halloween update

  1. Night Mode – Classic Mode in Erangel will now alternate between day and night, and players can loot for Night Vision Goggles. Also, additional map details including buildings, trees and added barriers and blockades near rivers have been added.
  2. Matchmaking Improvements – Improved matchmaking times and prioritization for teammates that speak the same language.
  3. Spectator Mode – Players can now watch opponents until the end of the match after being eliminated.
  4. Crew Challenge – Leaders can now register crews of up to six players to compete in Qualification, Group, and Finals rounds to earn exclusive rewards.
  5. New Weapons and Vehicles – The QBU DMR rifle and Rony pickup truck are now available on the Sanhok map.
Other major changes with the PUBG Mobile 0.9.0 Halloween update include fresh Halloween decorations, theme-based outfits, and vehicles and improved performance in regards to lags, crashing and loading issues.

How many of you like new halloween update

PUBG Halloween vs PUBG Sanhok Live

  • Halloween
    73% 17 / 23
  • Sanhok
    26% 6 / 23